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About Company
About Company
Our company was founded in the end of May 1994 year when first store “Aksen” was set up in Kiev -the capital of Ukraine by four best college friends. At that time our first store “Aksen” had 120 sq.m. floor area and extremely varied range of goods (from groceries to domestic appliances). Sales process has proved toys to be the hottest-selling points and therefore transformed into the single stapled group of goods for us. Initially we co-operated with the internal market suppliers. But starting from 1996 year we began to purchase toys from Dubai, UAE. The next key step in wholesale purchases was servicing the goods by container shipments directly from Dubai, UAE. We provide the independent strict control of the goods loading process and were impatient for goods arrival to Odessa port (main seaport in Ukraine). Just at the same time we got focused on sporting goods that were quite new product group for us at that time and thus gradually proceeding to work out the bicycle line as a brand-new line of our business. We started with narrow line of kids bikes only but a short time after we extended with adult bikes. At the end of 1997 year we got our first major bikes goods purchasing in quantity of five containers. At the end of 1998 year was made a decision of splitting business into two parts: wholesale and retail chain. Starting from this year the retail chain “Budynok Igrashok” (“Toys House” in English translation) and wholesale house Alfa Toys Ltd launched their self-development. Though this company is common ownership, owners carry on and succeed in business separately. The same 1998 year we for the first time attend the exhibition in Nuremberg and for the next 1999 year we did the exhibition in Hong Kong. These were first steps in organizing strong distribution chain in Ukraine while establishing partnership relations with the producers and suppliers. 1999 year was the first year of importing the goods from the manufacturers in Far East. In 1998 year Alfa Toys Ltd was reached an exclusive agreement for NIKKO brand official distribution (r/c toys) in the territory of Ukraine.

We are now AT Ukrtoys LLC - Ukrainian distributor and AT Distribution – our logistic operator.

Today our company successfully and exclusivity represents such worldwide known band in Ukrainian toy-market as:
  • Nikko /USA – r/c toys
  • Maisto/Hong Kong - toy car models
  • Chap Mei/ Hong Kong – plastic toy sets
  • Bruder / Germany – plastic toy cars
  • Power Slide /Germany – rollers, scooters, skateboards
  • Potex/Hong Kong – musical toys.
  • Baby Team/our private brand, Ukraine –new born baby product
  • Raibow Loom/ USA – creation sets
  • Wooky/ Holland- creation sets

  • Besides these key-points we also distribute in Ukraine:
  • Hasbro/USA.

  • and other.

    Our company exports the goods by container shipments, by air and land carriage from such countries as China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Germany, Holland and etc. We have the extensive experience of adopting the original manufacturer goods package into Ukrainian language with strict local requirements compliance. Some certain products are delivered to our company in already adopted packages. To the office apartment is adjoined warehouse with an area of 3000 sq.m.

    Logistic department is responsible for supply, transportation, customs clearance of the goods and controlling the flow of goods and services information, real-time data and human resources from the point of origin – direct manufacturer to the point of destination -our local warehouse in Kiev; as well as storing and stock accounting of the goods with subsequent deliveries to the customers. Four trucks are available for the fast delivery of the goods to the clients in Kiev. We organize supply to the clients in other cities of Ukraine by the local logistics companies. The delivery frequency is 1 time a week over the territory of Ukraine, the required date of delivery in any part of Ukraine is not more that 2 days.

    Marketing department estimates the purchasing volume and products range and at the same time, develops promotional strategy and sales tactics to market the products in Ukraine. We have proven experience in providing varied promotional activities such as direct advertising on TV and mail.

    Sales department is the direct customer responsible unit where customers’ service is provided in full range including order reception and processing with constant sales volume control. Once a week we get an order from customers through all over Ukraine. The sales manager is analyzing this order, and correct it, if it’s necessary. The clint receives goods in any case before the end of the week. Direct contact with the client allows to reach optimal orders, placement, and as a consequence sales. Each sales manager is working with several clients.Brand Manager, in turn, controls the sale of his brand to all customers. The maximum sales are reaching in this way.

    Financial department provides budgeting and reciprocal payments with clients and supplies.

    Today we effectively cooperate with the first-rate toys specialty stores and retail chains thorough Ukraine: Antoshka, Budynok Igrashok, Planettoys, Smyk and others.

    Besides this we have long-term supply agreements with hypermarket chains: Metro, Auchan Tavriya, Silpo, Novus and others.

    Hereby you can see that we are strong and experienced enough company with high working arrangements for making the advanced sales promotion of toys and sporting goods in Ukrainian market.
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